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Static & BenEl Tavori – Kubiot


Skills involved with this project:

Compositing | CGI | VFX

Static & BenEl Tavori, two of the most famous singers in Israel, in a collaboration with Anna Zak - a famous artist with over 1.3M followers on Instagram made a song called "Kubiot" (Hebrew for "Cubes"/"Abs") promoting McDonald's And Mojo Popsicles. The clip is very suitable for the Israeli summer and is very colorful and fun. The clip was done with "Way Studios", who produced the VFX and by ROMS who produced the clip.

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The Parrot

An unexpected obstacle: The parrot that’s been brought to the set flew away and couldn’t be shot.

So we decided to create a fully CGI animated cartoon parrot, that would talk, dance, and play “Jordi” – the couple’s famous musical producer.

Final Result